Cassette ︎︎︎
Tape Series 06

Charles Moon

A multi-faceted and passionate DJ, Charles Moon’s influential ‘Thank You For Sweating’ party was a staple in his hometown of Austin, Texas, laying down the foundations of a personal sound beautifully expanded upon here. In this live recording from Oaxaca, the Mexican city whose natural landscape provides the cover art, Moon takes two sides to mix timeless deepness of all shades, paying tribute to America’s formidable Black dance music underground.


VINYL ︎︎︎

︎︎︎ Willow

A1 Willow
A2 Breathe
B1 Masada
B2 River Dancers


Cassette ︎︎︎
Tape Series 05


The fifth release in CWPT’s expanding mixtape series arrives courtesy of Tarzsa, the UK-based DJ whose delicate ear and fundamental take on the foundations of electronic soul have earned her a devoted listenership on NTS Radio and BBC 6Music. Both sides of the cassette find Tarzsa capturing the energy of a life increasingly spent in DJ booths with skill, energy and, in her own words, “leading with feeling first, always.”


Cassette ︎︎︎
Tape Series 04

Brother Dan

As a new wave of Miami talent continues to dominate dancefloors worldwide, Brother Dan of the city’s beloved Terrestrial Funk record store goes deep for the latest in CWPT’s cassette series, laying down a double-sided exploration of the musical history that makes Florida’s coastal metropolis move like no other. Disco, funk, electro, freestyle and more coalesce from legendary crates, delivered from wax stored cool and packed with heat.


VINYL ︎︎︎

︎︎︎ All Ages

A1 All Ages
A2 Afternoon at Bärenquell
B1 Sanders Groove
B2 Soft As Moonlight


VINYL ︎︎︎

Moving Still
︎︎︎ Kalam Hub

A1 Kunafa King
A2 Hayati 89
A3 La Titasil Feeya
B1 My Bosa Is For You
B2 Haram Odyssey
B3 Kalam Hub


Cassette ︎︎︎
Tape Series 03

Greg Belson

‘Saturday Night/Sunday Morning’ finds Belson applying his musical nous to his lifelong passion for gospel, mixing two sides of truly transcendent, deeply affecting cuts that speak in turn for the heat of the weekend party and the afterglow of a Sunday morning. An established favourite for both occasions amongst the CWPT crew, we’re delighted to share this very special musical journey across two sides of a single C90.


VINYL ︎︎︎

Voodoos & Taboos
︎︎︎ Tropical Love

A1 XTC  
A2 Tropical Love
B1 Warped Voodoo


VINYL ︎︎︎

︎︎︎ Devils Club

A1 Devils Club   
A2 Magic
B1 The Spirit
B2 The Spirit (Dub Mix)


Cassette ︎︎︎
Tape Series 02


The second tape in CWPT’s mix series arrives courtesy of Budino. Following an expansive residency at Berlin’s beloved Cocktail D’Amore party, the unusual past few years have just proven another opportunity for the Italian-born DJ to expand her collection of twelve-inches and rarities. As such, we’re delighted to welcome Budino to the CWPT fold with a double-sided cassette that reaffirms her status as dance music’s not-so-best-kept secret, featuring artwork from Ruff Mercy.


Merch ︎︎︎
Brand New Feeling tee

Celebrating Palms Trax 2021 residency at Phonox, London.
September 2021-December 2021.

Printed on high-quality, ethical fabric in a classic Band Tour tee style, featuring listing of every artist who played throughout the residency alongside original front design by Dr. Me.


Cassette ︎︎︎
Tape Series 01

Enchanted Rhythms

The first mixtape from CWPT arrives courtesy of Enchanted Rhythms, the Berlin-based DJ and producer whose perhaps unbeatable knowledge of UK garage, 2-step, bass and beyond has kept the city’s more adventurous dancefloors rumbling on the low for years.


VINYL ︎︎︎

Rog’e ft Tanya Stevens
︎︎︎Body Fidelity

A1 Body Fidelity (Radio Mix)
A2 Body Fidelity (Percussapella Mix)
B1 Body Fidelity (House Club Mix)
B2 Body Fidelity (Bass-Ment Mix)


VINYL ︎︎︎

Palms Trax, Nonku Phiri
︎︎︎Petu EP

A1 Petu
A2 Petu (Dub Mix)
B1 Petu (Masalo Remix)


© CWPT 2023

© CWPT 2023